Mick N Phil 

AUGUST 23rd, 2020


About Mick N Phil

our story

based in hamilton just outside glasgow,a duo made up of two brothers Michael and Philip Muir,Mick N Phil started out in 2014 playing covers for tips and quickly moved to writing and performing original material in late 2016,releasing there debut single 'like it used to' in febuary 2019 followed by 'The Key' in august 2019 and now have over 4 singles and an e.p available worldwide.

The brothers have a passion for capturing raw emotion within songwriting and being able to connect with their audience thru real life topics,they also have a raw acoustic sound that they have developed thru the years,from quirky guitar work to gut wrenching lyrics and second to none live show,they are not one to be missed when they roll through town.